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Tilt & Turn Gear

The innovative development of the Winkhaus autoPilot Tilt & Turn gearing makes it simple to fit and has the versatility to meet all levels of security. Tilt & turn window gearing offers more than just window locking security and the user’s peace of mind; it significantly reduces the complexity and time required for tilt & turn window fabrication and its unique design provides durable and safe mechanism operation. Both conventional face fix and the fully concealed versions are available. Slim-line face fix hinges mean the minimum interference with plaster reveals and window boards.

Features & Benefits:

  • Intelligent, clearly structured modular system
  • Increased ease of use and ventilation comfort due to inovative3 technology
  • Energy efficient solutions and forced-entry resistance
  • Quick, easy and efficient installation
  • Unique variable Tilt options offering 5 tilt positions allowing controlled ventilation

Standard Espags

The espag locking systems from Vita have been designed to meet the requirements of both trade and newbuild fabricators requiring a high quality, high performance locking system.

They are manufactured from quality steel throughout and are quick and easy to fabricate.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in 20mm or 22mm backsets
  • Quick and easy to fabricate
  • Available in lengths to fit all window sashes
  • Fully adjustable mushroom cams

Shootbolt Espags  

Our shootbolt locking system by Vita is designed with high security in mind. By simultaneously inserting two bolts into security strikers, in opposite directions the windows are locked securely at the edges.

Features & Benefits:

  • Security corner drives to secure drive assembly
  • One-piece corner striker to secure shootbolt
  • Minimal routing required during fabrication
  • Anti-theft properties and increased window security
  • Fits all window vents

High Security Espag – by Siegenia Trident

Our high security Trident espag system incorporates a hook and mushroom cam at each locking point, providing enhanced sealing and exceptional security. When the gearbox is operated the hooks are thrown and travel simultaneously with the cams into their striker.
This new security technology has been rigorously tested to ensure that the Trident espag meets the preferred specification requirements of Secured By Design and enhanced security requirements of BS 7950.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to fabricate 20 or 22mm backset with 8mm or 9.5mm cams
  • Combination of hook and mushroom cams for enhanced security performance
  • Adjustable cams
  • Chromium VI free, silver coating
  • Secured By Design
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