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Open up your home with the Crown Sliding Folding door. It’s a great way to bring your living space and garden together, opening up wonderful new possibilities to make the most of your home.

From 2 to 7 panes, open in or out door options available, doors can be designed to slide smoothly either left or right to suit your requirements.
Our Dualsecure Multipoint Locks and additional security features ensure that you are provided with all round protection for your home.

Crown Sliding Folding Door

Feature and Benefits

  • Complete integration with our other Crown Systems
  • Slim frame design
  • 75mm Vent Profile for increased strength
  • Wide range of colours - over 400 colours available
  • Certified Energy Ratings
  • Excellent Weather performance
  • Standard and Low thresholds
  • Continuous hinges to prevent fingers becoming trapped
  • Smooth and quiet operation
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