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Report Number Description WEP Rating
 IAB/WO12/001  Profile Systems EcoLite1 6000 A  A3
 IAB/WO12/002  Profile Systems EcoLite2 7000 A  A3
 IAB/WO12/003  Profile Systems EcoLite3 7000 A 1/0.8Wm2K  A1
 IAB/WO12/004  Profile Systems EcoLite4 VSS A  A3
 IAB/WO12/005  Profile Systems EcoLite5 D/F 75mm A  A3
 IAB/WO12/006  Profile Systems EcoLite6 MarkV Ext A  A3
 IAB/WO12/007  Profile Systems EcoLite7 MarkV Ext A  A3
 IAB/WO12/008  Profile Systems EcoLite8 MarkV Int A  A3
 IAB/WO12/009  Profile Systems EcoLite9 C70 Int 28 A  A3 Click to view
 IAB/WO12/010  Profile Systems EcoLite10 C70 Int 40 A  A2 Click to view
 IAB/WO12/011  Profile Systems EcoLite11 C70 Int 28 A  A3 Click to view
 IAB/WO12/012  Profile Systems C70 Triple Seal Passiv A1/0.8Wm2K  A1 Click to view

Under the Spotlight - The C70 System

Tomorrow's energy efficient window and door system is here. We are proud to announce the launch of the new C70 System. It is highly regarded as on of the easiest to fabricate and install and can be perfectly matched with a front/rear door.

C70 System

  • Enhance your home: A window or door is not only functional, but it can be stylish too. A subtle change in design from your existing window or door can result in more practicality, better looks and enhanced energy efficiency.
  • Be energy efficient: Our C70 System has 5 chambers, unlike the dated 3 chambered designs of many of our competitors. This means that our products are more energy efficient and thats a fact.
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